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STD Friends is free STD dating site to join. However, to access every feature of the site, you can upgrade your free membership to a premium account. The free membership account holders are the standard members who can receive a range of features that the site offers, but not all of them.

  • Standard membership is free
  • Full Membership
    • 1 month for $24.95 ($0.83 per day)
    • 3 months for $54.95 (saving 30% off the regular price, working out at $18.32 a month)
    • 6 months for $79.95 (saving 50% off the regular price, working out at $13.33 a month)
  • Payments can be porcessed by using Paypal and CCBill.

Editors Review:

  • Going on a date with someone you love is a fantastic dream. The same dream turns into a nightmare once you contract an STD such as herpes, genital warts, or hpv. The same goes for your partner too. You have to agree that STD is a social stigma. Contracting an STD would naturally spell doom for the person. That used to be the end of the dating life for such persons in the not too recent past. However, times have changed for the better now. You can find many websites springing up offering free hpv dating services. One such STDFriends is
    There is a special trait among humans in general. They love company of fellow human beings. Similarly, STD afflicted people too expect the same level of companionship. The normal social communities do not allow free mixing with such people. This causes dejection in these people. Websites such as helps to reduce the levels of dejection by bringing such people on a common platform.

Featured Services:

  • Have a look at Genital wart singles: naturally, you would join this inline dating website to enjoy the company of similar likeminded individuals. This is the best place for hpv singles to have an hpv hookup. This website allows you access to photos of hpv singles near your location. You can look at these photos and try to get ahead with the relationship.
    • Trusted STDFriends: The main advantage of is the element of trust. This website does not disclose your STD details without your permission. Of course, people who join this website would be having some sort of an STD. STDFriends ensures that your profile does not leak out to the open world around you.
    • No sale of personal information: STDFriends assures you that they do not compromise on your personal information at any cost. They do not indulge in sharing your confidential information with other websites, thus ensuring your much-needed privacy.
    • Anonymity: The website has an option for you to remain anonymous. You can use this facility to maintain your privacy. You can get along with your life in the most normal way possible. You can exercise this option when you join the social community.  
    • Friendship: You can find friendship with people in a situation similar to yours. This will bring a new ray of hope to either of you. Shunning of friendship and companionship is what afflicts these people more than the actual disease. This website allows you to make friends with people having STD. The mutual friendship can help both of you.
    • Online STD dating: This website allows you the online dating facility. You can make new online friends with similar afflictions. You can support each other a great deal in this matter.
    • Worldwide presence: This is a worldwide website. You can find friends all over the world. You can share your afflictions as well as your experiences with its treatment among your online friends. This can be of great help to both of you.
    • Find your soul mate: The main cause of depression among STD afflicted individuals is the lack of a soul mate to discuss their personal problems. This website can help you find one. As he or she might be a similarly afflicted person, they can understand your position better. You might end up having a great relationship.


Online dating among the STD afflicted people is gaining more awareness today. The free hpv dating websites such as have played a major role in this awareness.     

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