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Hift is the #1 Free STD dating App for people with gifted HSV, HPV, HIV/AIDS & other STDs to meet, match and chat online.

Editors Review:

There was a time when contracting and STD would be the end of the world for any person. The society used to reject them. They had a tough time making friends. Finding similarly afflicted persons was also difficult, as people would not open out about their STD problems. The internet has changed all this. There are websites and social platforms today where such people can meet and interact with one another. Hift.co is one such free hpv hookup site.

Now dating with genital warts would not be a distant dream at all. This web site changes all the equations in this regard. This social community website brings people with STDs together and allows them a free exchange of minds and views. An exclusive hpv dating site was the need of the hour. Hift solves this problem.

Now people with herpes, HIV/AIDS, and other STDs can breathe a sigh of relief. They have found a common confidant. They get the much-needed support at this website. In addition to usual dating activities, this website has certain special programs you may not find on other hpv dating websites.



  • Hift Campaigns:
    Hift is a new free hpv dating website. Many people do not know the existence of this website. This has made the founder of the website to design a special logo for the website. He has an aim to popularize this logo throughout the world. The website has an aim of bringing the entire STD afflicted community together. They have launched a worldwide campaign travelling to places such as China, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia among others. As a result, many people have joined this website without much of an online advertising campaign.
    Hift Blog:
    People with STDs crave for love. This website enables people with a similar frame of mind to get together to support and love each other. The people with STD would any day, welcome an app exclusively for their community. Hift.co is one such website with a unique mobile app for such persons. The STD afflicted people can share their experiences through the blogs on this app. The main advantage of these blogs is that these people can shed their inhibitions on this exclusive platform. They would not be able to do on the regular social media platforms.
    By subscribing to this app, you would be in a position to find similarly affected people in your neighborhood. You can upload your profile and let the app do the rest. The procedure is very simple. You have to log in to the application. Hift will search and recommend suitable profiles for you. You can swipe to the right side in case you are interested. Otherwise, you can swipe to the left. In this way, you can initiate a conversation and go ahead in the matter.

  • Hift hpv dating:
    In case you are afflicted with STD and are single, this is the best place for you to start online dating. Hift can arrange for perfect compatibility with similarly afflicted persons from their huge database.
    There is an advantage of dating through Hift. You need not disclose your condition to your partner. Your partner would be aware of it before starting on the date. This can avoid rejections and heartbreak.

  • Advantages of dating through Hift.co:

      • You need not fear rejection because of your affliction with STD.
      • You can share your experiences with such people and help each other mutually.
      • You can learn about the various treatment facilities available for STD afflicted persons.
      • A healthy interaction with likeminded people would go a great deal in erasing the stigma of STD.


    "Hift" helps people with diseases such as herpes, HSV-1, HSV-2, HPV and HIV to connect to others who share their issues, offering "a community of support and love as well as the ability to date others who understand the issues surrounding the contraction and treatment of any STI." The app functions in a similar way to Tinder, with users creating an account and sharing information about themselves, including the type of STI they are living with. Hift also features the ability to swipe left or right when looking at profiles, depending on who you are attracted to or otherwise. Conversations can only take place when there are mutual likes. The app also has a "Moments" feature.

    Hift can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play.

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